Workplace Well-Being Resources 

At YMCA WorkWell, our number one goal is to create a positive impact in the workplace – which, by extension, creates a positive impact on individuals and the communities where they live, work and play. Below you will find a growing library of resources to help educate you on workplace well-being, and take actionable steps to improve it today. 

The Loneliness Epidemic: 2021 YMCA WorkWell Special Issue Report

The Loneliness Epidemic looks at the importance of social connection and the impact of loneliness throughout COVID-19. In this report, we examine what many are calling the “loneliness epidemic,” how it is affecting our collective well-being, and what we can each start doing today to tackle loneliness in our communities.

report cover

2020 Community Well-Being Report 

Insights to Impact: Fostering Employee Well-Being in the Age of COVID-19 offers a high-level overview of how the pandemic has affected employee well-being in our communities, highlighting which areas have been impacted most significantly, and what organizations and leaders in our communities can start doing today to meet these challenges. 

Home or Office, You Need A Bestie at Work

We spend approximately a third of our lives at work. That’s about 90,000 hours. It’s countless...

Why We Care So Much About Community Data

At YMCA WorkWellwe have a clear mandate: To improve the state of workplace well-being in the...

Wellness and Well-Being Are Not the Same

Renowned author and employee burnout expert Jennifer Moss argues that organizations can no...

Leadership Webinars 

Wondering what workplace well-being is all about? Or what any of this has to do with you? Your team? Our webinars offer key insights into community well-being, workplace well-being, and easy, actionable steps you can take to see positive impact.

WorkWell Living Situation Infographic

Infographic: How have living situations affected employee well-being during COVID-19? 

Wondering what Insights to Impact: Fostering Employee Well-Being in the Age of COVID-19" found? This infographic provides a more pointed look at how you can cater to your employees’ well-being, in light of shifting to non-traditional work environments.