Meet YMCA WorkWell

For nearly 200 years, the YMCA has supported healthy individuals, families, and communities. Today, as a modern society, we have begun to uncover the impacts work has on our health and well-being. With nearly a decade of experience collecting employee experience and well-being data, YMCA WorkWell is on a mission to help build thriving workplace cultures where every employee can be their best. 


A trusted partnership with you

YMCA WorkWell understands that creating successful partnerships requires trust and collaboration. That’s why we go beyond just serving clients and take a trusted partnership approach with each of the organizations we work with.
We strive to create a relationship that is based on mutual respect and understanding, as well as a clear understanding of your goals and objectives. We have a proven track record of success and are committed to working together to create the best possible outcome.
Our team of experts provide learning solutions that are tailored to your unique needs and challenges.

Partners for Good

YMCA WorkWell is Canada's leading workplace well-being agency operated by YMCA of Three Rivers.
We help organizations across Canada develop the knowledge, competencies, and skills they need to care for the well-being of their employees by transforming and optimizing organizational culture. 
We collect feedback from employees to evaluate organizational health, identify the areas of your organization that need the most immediate support, and help leaders make data-informed decisions to maximize impact.
By choosing YMCA WorkWell, proceeds go towards supporting YMCA programs and services throughout our community.

It’s great to meet you. 

Now that you know a bit about what we do and what we stand for, we’d like to introduce you to our team.  

Kate Toth, Ph.D.

Director of Well-being Innovation

Dave Whiteside, Ph.D.

Director of Insights

Nate Robertson

Director of Business Development & Partner Success

Kyle Armstrong

Manager, Well-being Services

Tessa Neilson

Well-being Research Analyst

Laura Bolton

Strategic Well-being Services Partner

Sarah Hummel

Partner Success Coordinator

Samantha Green

Operations Coordinator

There’s a better way. 

We believe that each of us has a fundamental right to a workplace that fosters well-being intentionally. 

We believe that every individual adds value to their roles, and to their workplace as a whole.  

We believe that there’s more to determining your organization’s success than profits and sales. 

We believe your truest, greatest asset is your people. And, we’ve got the science and data to prove it.  

We believe in equipping leaders with the actionable insights needed to make data-informed, people-first decisions.  

We believe that healthy leaders create healthy companies, and healthy companies create healthy communities.