Well-being is everything.


Well-being is everything.


Buzzwords. Are we right? They’re everywhere, and they often come with a series of shoulds and comparisons. Are you doing it? Have you got it? And yet, they miss out on defining the elusive "it,” while demanding a one size fits all approach. 

But not us.  

For us, workplace well-being isn’t a buzzword. It stands at the very centre of all that we do. In fact, we’re bold enough to claim that it is the only thing worth doing. That’s right, well-being is everything 

Where do we get off making this claim? It's all in the semantics of how we approach workplace well-being. For many, workplace well-being is destination. It’s something to achieve. It’s a box to be checked. But, we can all agree that people – your organization’s greatest asset - are more complex than that. And so, it only makes sense that the definition of workplace well-being address this.

work·place well·be·ing


  1. Creating and fostering the optimal conditions for individuals and teams to learn, grow, and develop.
  2. Building a better place to go to work, each and every day.
YMCA WorkWell approaches the consulting world a little differently. We don’t stand on the sidelines and point the way. Instead, we immerse ourselves in your culture. Once you invite us in, we see ourselves as a part of your team. We have a vested interest in making sure that your culture is as strong and healthy as it can be. More than that, we work with you to make sure you're able to keep exploring what healthy and vibrant means to your team.

We’re Research Nerds  

It’s true. And we’ve got the pocket protectors to prove it. Ok, maybe not. But still, all of our work – from one-on-one sessions with leaders, to staff workshops and webinars – is rooted in data. And for us, there’s no other option. Because, as cliched as it sounds, the numbers don’t lie.  

While we believe well-being is everything, we also know that we can’t help you achieve it without first getting a clear understanding of where teams and individuals are at – both today, and over time. And that’s only possible with the right data.  

In addition to your team surveys, we look to our community-based research. Both our 2020 Insights to Impact and our 2021 Special Issue Report data enabled us to identify immediate concerns and long-term trends of the COVID-19 pandemic. Seemingly overnight, leaders and employees had to re-learn how to work together apart, increasing the load on an already stressed system.

What did the data tell us?  


of employees had unhealthy well-being scores



believe that they need more communication from leadership to feel healthier at work


believe they need more mental health supports



believe they need more team connection opportunities

Understanding Your Well-being Data

These trends are important – but are only half the picture. We’ve been collecting and tracking data for years; we know that these stats are on the rise. In fact, the number of employees reporting unhealthy well-being scores is nearly double pre-COVID numbers. Nearly double. In a year. So, what does all of this mean?  

Most simply, that teams – like your team – need leaders who not only understand where they are and what they need, but who can also help build supportive, healthy workplace cultures where everyone can thrive.  

Our research approach is to deliver your teams’ insights with the understanding of these bigger trends, giving you a more fulsome understanding of employee well-being.

By approaching our work through this two-pronged data lens we’re able to: 

  • Identify well-being trends across your organization, allowing us to help leaders develop the skills they need to help employees before crisis 
  • Address key pressure points in your team, allowing us to work with you to optimize workplace culture versus providing one-size-fits-some solutions 
  • Influence community-level change by helping more people take the concrete steps they can take to contribute to positive, healthy, and thriving workplace cultures.

It’s only through data that we see the bigger trends and long-term potential impact, allowing us to not only help you meet your teams where they are now, but to also addresses emerging concerns to avoid larger issues in the future.  

Actionable insights rooted in data. That’s what we do best. 

It’s great to meet you. 

Now that you know a bit about what we do and what we stand for, we’d like to introduce you to our team.  

There’s a better way. 

We believe that each of us has a fundamental right to a workplace that fosters well-being intentionally. 

We believe that every individual adds value to their roles, and to their workplace as a whole.  

We believe that there’s more to determining your organization’s success than profits and sales. 

We believe your truest, greatest asset is your people. And, we’ve got the science and data to prove it.  

We believe in equipping leaders with the actionable insights needed to make data-informed, people-first decisions.  

We believe that healthy leaders create healthy companies, and healthy companies create healthy communities.